We stock the top performers of the best Professional brands from around the world. If you’re looking for French luxury, Matis is ooh la la, or if you’d like a plant based cosmeceutical without the fragrance and fluff then Emergin C will be your new best friend. How about an instant glow with the latest in retinol technology from MediK8? And If you want it ALL.. then you’re in the right salon. You can expect clean science with active ingredients delivering proven results


Cosmeceutical Facial

Our most popular facial for a reason as a unique blend of active and professional skincare is selected from our mixing bar and customised specifically for you. This experience includes a skin consult, double cleanse, cosmeceutical mask, exfoliation and neck, shoulder and décolleté massage. 

  • 30 mins $95
  • 1hr $185

Add on any of the facial boosters for the extra wow factor. 

Facial Boosters

LED Light Therapy

Stimulates collagen & elastin production, is antibacterial, desensitises sensitive skin, improves circulation, reduces sun damage. Includes a scalp massage.



We have a range of peels varying in strength and actives. Your therapist will prescribe the perfect one for you. Recommended for the removal of impurities (maskne) and enlarged pores.



Extracting blackheads, congestion and/or millia. Pairs perfectly with any LED treatment or the Bespoke Facial. 


Fire and Ice Facial by EmerginC 

A multi step treatment that resurfaces and rejuvenates the skin for a smooth, clear and refreshed appearance. Includes a cosmeceutical peel, Phytelene Mineral Complex Mask, Anti-aging apple stem cell mask and culminates with a facial massage using glass ice globes. A true sensory experience.

$210 (60 minutes)

La Lumiere by Matis

A skin-perfecting luxury facial for silky, soft, and glowing skin. French facials are known for their massage movements and complex steps ‘the ballet of facials’. Included is the dual-action gel mask which releases fine bubbles for a tingling sensation which removes dead skin cells and hydrates the skin. 

$170 (90 minutes)

The Caviar Facial by Matis

Luxury at its best. Caviar contains omega-3’s, regulates skin oil production, improves balanced hydration, and helps to soften rough, dry skin. Rejuvenate, plump, and stimulate the skin for unprecedented anti-aging results for a non-surgical facelift.

$290 (90 minutes)

Dermaplaning With Mask

A highly effective and painless exfoliating treatment that also removes any unwanted ‘peach fuzz’ on the face. With zero downtime, you will leave the salon looking fresh, radiant, and fluff-free. Recommended for all skin types. Pro-tip – the best facial for flawless makeup application. Perfect for brides. 

$110 (45 minutes)

LED Light Therapy Facial

Advanced LED Light delivers the latest innovation in skin care technology. Your skin is bathed in warming, coloured light to penetrate the deepest layers of the skin. Proven to stimulate collagen & elastin and assist in the deep absorption of products to target your specific skin concern. All the while enjoying a delicious scalp massage. Such a treat, particularly during the cooler months.

  • 30 minutes $105
  • 1hr $190

Pregnancy Facial 

A soothing, gentle and restorative experience featuring consciously curated products that are safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding. This is the perfect pampering for when you need it the most.

$110 (60 mins)


On the go facial (express facial)

Quick refresh for busy teens, includes exfoliation and hydration all tailored to your individual skin needs. You will also get treated to a facial massage and serums picked exclusively to combat your skin concerns.

$95 (30 minutes)

Acne away facial (Peel & LED Light)

Uses one of our fruit peels which has active fruit enzymes to break down and remove oils and dead skin cells, then we use our LED technology to fight bacteria and collagen-boosting red light to heal any breakouts or inflammation you may have. Followed by our life-saving 911 mask and massage to keep you hydrated and protected.

$140 (40 mins)

Back off acne facial

Sadly with acne, it’s not just on the face. With the back off acne facial for the back and/or chest, we target excess oils and breakouts in these areas. This includes a deep cleanse and exfoliate with extractions and our LED technology. We use blue light to fight bacteria and collagen-boosting red light to heal any breakouts or inflammation you may have.

  • 45mins (1 area) $90
  • 90mins (both areas) $170


Total Man Facial

Using a carefully selected range of products we start off with a deep cleanse and exfoliate, followed by a facial massage to destress and soften the face. Next an active mask tailored to your skin’s needs or concerns and while that’s on you will enjoy a neck, shoulders and decollete massage. The best way to get rid of a week’s worth of tension and stress for the body and mind.

$185 (1 hour)

Working Man Facial (express facial)

An express facial for those men that are just in need of a good cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate, it is facial that is fully tailored to you and your skin needs leaving you feeling clean and refreshed.

$95 (30 mins)

Back Facial

This includes a deep cleanse and exfoliate with extractions and our LED technology. Using blue light to fight bacteria and collagen boosting red light to heal any breakouts or inflamation you may have.  

$125 (45 mins)

Hand Care

A quick tidy for strong and healthy nails. This includes a clip, file, cuticle care, and a paraffin wax treatment for the clean look we all want.

$45 (30 mins)

Hydro Express

Hydrodermabrasion on the go for those who need a deep clean and hydration but have a busy time schedule, includes a Hydro followed by a facial massage to make you feel and look fresh and energised. 

$110 (30 mins)

Hydrodermabrasion Bio Infuse

The perfect Hydrodermabrasion facial for dryness and/or rosacea. The bio infuse setting uses EMS technology to provide deeper penetration of the hydration serum. Includes the rich and buttery Emerginc C Hypervitaliser mask with coenzyme Q10 and lutein to soothe, hydrate, nourish and protect.

$170 (45 mins)

Hydrodermabrasion Clear

A Hydrodermabrasion facial specifically for breakouts and blemishes. Hydro’s cleansing system extracts excess sebum and exfoliates dead skins cells whilst also infusing a hydrating serum to calm and soothe for clear, even skin. Followed by EmerginC 911 clay mask to calm breakouts,regulate oil production and leave the skin glowing.

$170 (45 mins)

Hydrodermabrasion Lift

Tone and contour the facial muscles with Hydrodermabrasion’s EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) technology. EMS elicits a muscle contraction using electrical impulses that directly stimulate your motor neurons. It’s painless and has no downtime. Included is an Emergin C Apple stem cell rubber mask which combines natural botanicals, fruit acids and powerful antioxidants to improve visible signs of aging.

$210 (60 mins)

Hydrodermabrasion Glo

Combining Hydrodermabrasion technology, dermaplaning and a tailored mask to give you a dewy glow. Firstly removing dead skin cells and unwanted hair with dermaplaning, followed by hydrating and plumping with the Hydrodermabrasion machine and then a mask carefully selected by your therapist to best suit your needs and concerns.

$249 (90 mins)