100% Addictive

Suitable for all skin types

Extractions without side effects

Instant gratification with no downtime

I would recommend this treatment  to anyone and everyone. My skin has never felt so smooth and refreshed and the results lasted!

Helen, 32

It’s just incredible – my skin feels and looks incredible.

Julia, 35


Hydradermabrasion is the next generation of microdermabrasion. The 30 minute pressurized water treatment vaccuums out your pores whilst simultaneously delivering  potent, active serums for advanced exfoliation and hydration.



$190 (45 mins)

Hydro +

$199 (60 mins)

Hydradermabrasion with mask

Hydro Glow

$249 (90 mins)

Dermaplaning, hydradermabrasion, mask

Hydro Bright

$190 (45 mins)

Hydradermabrasion with brightening solution

  • Hydro Bright +. $199, 60 minutes.
  • Hydro Bright Glo. $249, 90 minutes.

Hydro Sooth

$190 (45 mins)

Hydradermabrasion with soothing solution

  • Hydro Soothe +. $199, 60 minutes.
  • Hydro Soothe Glo. $249, 90 minutes.

Super Hydro

*3 of the above Hydro treatments must be completed before booking a Super Hydro appointment.


Hydro Collagen (includes mask)

$270 (60 mins)

Hydro Cleanse (includes mask)

$270 (60 mins)


Hydro Lift (includes mask)

$270 (60 mins)