What do Kim Kardashian and Nicole Kidman have in common?

Besides the obvious “K”and much less obviously they both use eyelash extensions. When it comes to the regal and eternally elegant Kidman this might come as a surprise to hear but she’s actually the perfect example of what a ‘natural’ set of lashes can look like. I’m forever showing people that extensions don’t need to look trashy or fake. When it comes to the beautiful and bold Kim K more is obviously more.. even under Kanye’s careful “guidance”. This is a look I can achieve for my clients called ‘Va va voom lashes’. Patience is a virtue here as it takes quite a bit longer to apply more lashes for that dramatic effect but it is definitely worth it for that WOW effect. Honestly, the number of people that have extensions would surprise you. Take a closer look at your ‘genetically blessed’ friend or that beautiful and yet make up free girl at the gym as they may be giving nature a little helping hand. So whatever, or should I say, whoever, is your desired effect it can definitely be achieved.  

 xxx Jayde