Trash Talk

Enjoying all that the warmer months have to offer doesn’t mean that you have to trash your lashes!

These are just a few tips to avoid that happening to all you sun worshippers out there… myself included ;-)


1.)  Slip, Slop, Slap but not the Lash(es)

Use an oil-free sunscreen and particularly avoid the spray kind for use on your face.  This doesn’t mean skipping the sunscreen ladies! Just use it wisely (oil -free) and sparingly around your prized assets…your eyes!

2. Glam Factor 50+

The skin around the eye area is particularly delicate so avoiding exposure to the sun is wise in terms of aging as well as lashes.

My advice is to up the glam factor by using big sunglasses to protect your eye area from the elements, which includes the pesky wind that could have your lashes blowing in all directions. You’ll be stylish and sun savvy all in one!

3. Water Baby

Water isn’t fantastic for lashes, let’s be honest.
However, there are things that you can do to limit 
the damage it may cause.

So whether you’ve been swimming in a chlorinated pool or in the sea - I suggest rinsing your lashes off afterwards with fresh water (tap water) to remove the chlorine or salt ASAP. An even better, although slightly daggy, solution is to use goggles! It’s just a suggestion…

Lashes need to fit into your lifestyle, not the other way around but following these easy tips will hugely effect how long they last!