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Lash Extensions To Bring Out Your Inner Goddess. Make a booking now to be treated to Sydney’s premier eyelash extensions

The low-down on lashes...

Your eyes are your most alluring feature. Use them to entice, seduce and charm as they’re the conveyors of your most powerful non-verbal signals. We all know that men find large eyes the most attractive and batting your lashes is an evolutionary signal of attraction.

But If your lashes are not bat worthy and your eyes are the opposite of bambi–esque.. we can help.

Why not invest in a stunning set of eyelash extensions that will open your eyes, enhance their shape and draw the focus to you?

Mascara can only do so much and you can’t wear it 24/7 so take your maintenance to the next level - you’ll never look back.

Who are we?

Ok so you want in - but how do you know where to go? Jayde Kelly of Sydney Lashes is a perfectionist and so are all her clients. With over five years experience as a lash extensionist and a background in makeup she is an expert when it comes to eyes. She flits between her sumptuous lash boutiques, located in the CBD and McMahon’s Point (as well as the occasional house call for special occasions).

Why Sydney Lashes?

We are the salon to choose if only perfection will do.
Don’t be just a number at another salon, come in for a personal consultation and leave with couture lashes.
We offer the latest application techniques, highest quality imported eyelash extension glue and stock premium lash extensions.
It’s this exclusivity and attention to detail that sets us apart.

Style can’t be bought but beauty can.  

For premium eyelash extensions in Sydney and diamond class service there is really only one choice. Sydney Lashes.

Maybe she’s born with it? It’s definitely not Maybelline.