Lashes and #Farshun – AW 2014 Beauty Trends from the runway

It’s #farshun darling and these are the winter beauty trends spotted on the runway and the off duty models in New York, London, Milan and Paris. Here’s how to make the look work for you and what lashes you should choose.

Morning After the night before:  The slept in, smudgy, smoky under eye make up as seen in Roberto Cavali, Oscar De la Renta and Tom Ford.  

Work it with lashes:  Go for super long and curly lash extensions as using eyeshadow on the bottom can make small eyes look even smaller so curly lashes will balance this out by opening up your eyes.  They need to be long as this is quite a dramatic look and average looking lashes will just be lost.

Give it the flick: Winged eyeliner that gives the effect of a cat eye.  As seen in Dolce and Gabbana, Herve Leger, Rag and Bone, Karen Walke

Work it with lashes: Lashes that are longer on the ends (cat’s eye) work perfectly with this look. Think long, straight and super glossy. This is doesn’t work for everyone’s eye shape so consult with your lash extensionist to see if it will work for you.  

Maleficent Lips: Dark, super sexy lips as seen in Zimmermann, Rebecca Minkoff and on Angelina Jolie in Maleficent the movie.

Work it with Lashes: Less is more when it comes to eye make up with this look as the attention is all on the pout. This mean’s that lashes can also be the star of the show as long as they are bold and thick. This will mean your peepers will still be ‘dressed’ to impress but your lips will be the talking point.  

Nudist: Beautiful, barely there make up with a fresh faced appeal. Go for luminous skin and soft, pale pink lip colour with matching cheek stain. As seen in Stella McCartney and Jason Wu.

Work it with Lashes: Your lashes will shine bright like a diamond with this look. Keep them soft, short and very natural looking. Siberian mink lashes would be a luxe option.They will add to the overall ‘I just woke up like this’ effect. No one needs to know otherwise ;-)