DIY eyelash extension Removal

(Only If you absolutely can’t get in to the salon)

We’ve all experienced misbehaving lashes that are in desperate need of a relash but you don’t have: 

a) Time

b) Money

c) All of the above.

Obviously returning to a professional and getting them to use the proper solution to dissolve the glue is the preferable option. By far. But sometimes a girls gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. 
The solution lies in your kitchen. Nature’s wonder product of the moment, coconut oil, can be a life saver in this situation.
Never, EVER pull out lashes. That is an absolute no-no as it can take weeks and sometimes months to grown back lashes that you’ve yanked. Rather follow these quick steps:

1.    Thoroughly cleanse your lashes. The oilier the remover the better.

2.   Make yourself an at-home steamer by boiling some water in a  kettle (never ever in a microwave), letting it sit for 5 mins then pouring it into a bowl. It doesn’t need to be boiling when it goes into the bowl, just hot enough to produce steam. *Be careful when handling the hot bowl* and place it on a counter so that you can lean your face above the bowl. Don’t go too close to the hot water but place a towel above your head to trap the steam. Steam your face for a few minutes.

3.   Now it's time for the star of the piece. Cover two cotton tips in coconut oil. Place one above the lashes and one below. Pinch them together and gently pull away the lashes. Repeat and reload with more coconut oil if required.
Focus on eye at a time and it’s best to be stationed in front of a mirror to check on the process.

4.  Once you’re satisfied that they’re all removed, wash your face to remove any oily residue and moisturise as steam can be quite drying for the skin.

 Of course it’s preferable to have a salon removal and, at Sydney Lashes, we’ll treat you to a lash treatment afterwards.. but this is the next best option.