Why Men are Attracted to Women with BIG Eyes & How you can make your Peepers POP.

Lash babes, the research is in and scientific studies suggest that men are attracted to women with larger eyes. Why?


1.    Large eyes, fuller lips and big breasts are all indicators of higher levels of estrogen and women with increased estrogen are more fertile.  So basically they’re after babetown baby making machines! #animalinstincts

2.     Men prefer neotenous (childlike) faces because they are biologically programmed to seek a younger and therefore more fertile mate. These types of faces have the following features: large eyes + a large, curved forehead + small nose + small chin = KATE MOSS


What You Can Do:

·      Eyelash extensions, with lashes that are longer at the ends, can elongate your eyes.

·      Try applying a creamy, white eyeliner pencil to the inner rim of the lower lash line.  Follow       with mascara on your lower lashes to frame the eye.

·      NEVER use dark (black or any such colour) along the bottom lid as this will close the eye.



Go on Bambi, get out there and claim your man.