Luscious lashes need to be cared for to keep them in a flutter worthy state. The Rules for Happily ever…Aftercare

  • Persian Princess

This means that for 24 hours after your appointment water is your worst enemy… make like a cat and keep them well away from any moisture. Sweat falls under that category and so does make up so be patient and allow the glue time to bond securely. 

  • Man-handling

Going forwards, the best thing you can do is to leave them alone! They don't need constant touching; despite whatever urge you might have to do so. The reason I strongly advise against this is that you transfer oil from your fingers onto the lashes which will disintegrate the bond over time. Not to mention that your lashes can become irritated from constant man-handling.

  • Oil Slick

When it comes to selecting products to use in conjunction with your lashes remember the golden rule: Oil is not your friend. This applies to cleansers, make up and especially mascara - if you choose to use it. For my clients I stock oil free mascara that is safe to use and I am always on the look out for products that extend the life span of your lashes.

  • Pillow talk

Your pillow may look soft and inviting but it is a killer when it comes to your lashes. Restless sleepers tend to lose their lashes much quicker and most people favour a side. I love using my psychic “I know which side you sleep on” trick on my clients as I am always right! This is a hard one to get around but the best solution is to sleep on your back. Which, by the way, is better for wrinkles too!

  • Maintenance

Like anything beauty related, your lashes will require maintenance to keep them looking good. Due to the natural lash cycle you will naturally shed your lashes every few weeks so we at Sydney Lashes recommend in-fills every two to four weeks to maintain a perfect set.

Lashes are an investment in terms of your time and your wallet so why not do whatever you can to prolong lifespan of them?