How to Get What you Want…

 This title may be a bit misleading, as I’m actually only going to give you the secret to achieving your wants and desires in terms of lashes... 
Which makes sense really considering I'm a lash extensionist - and here at Sydney lashes my main priority is to have you looking amazing!

Communication is key!

This doesn’t mean only verbal communication as we all have different interpretations. I was constantly surprised by what some people consider ‘natural’ when I was working in the make up industry. That’s ok though, we all have our own taste and sense of style.
However in order to maximize your happiness I really, really would like to know what it is you’re after. So why not bring in a photo of someone’s lashes that you like? That way I can ascertain the overall effect you want.

Don’t be tardy for the party.. (Real Housewives fans will know exactly what I’m referring to)!

We all know what its like to have a zillion things to do and only a measly 24 hours to get them done in! Honestly, it’s the story of my life but unfortunately we do have to work within those limitations and due to my ever increasing popularity.. ahem it may or may not.. have to do with the facebook 50% offer.. I have to use a bookings system. That means that a certain amount of time is allocated to you and only you in the pursuit of beautiful lashes. Unfortunately this pursuit is made more difficult by late arrivals and the M word. Mascara. It is the devil!! Removing mascara from your lashes has to be done prior to doing extensions and it will surprise you.. not me.. how long it can take! The stuff doesn’t come off! To make a long story short it is wise to allow me the most amount of time to apply lashes to you so try to be early and mascara free before your appointment.

It’s not finished until its Perfect

I am a perfectionist! It kills me and I totally wish I wasn’t - but I am and in terms of you and your lashes that’s a good thing. It means that I want genuine feedback from you and I wont stop until your lash set looks perfect. So if you are unhappy with anything to do with lashes once I'm finished I would like to know so that I can fix it.
This shouldn’t be the case as it is why I have brought in the ‘First Time Set’ package which is based on the initial consultation. During this time I will know exactly what you want but if there is anything bothering you at the end like a pesky lash that is sitting funny and my eagle eyes haven’t seen it please let me know. It may have something to do with your own natural lashes and is therefore unavoidable or it may be something that I can fix so please speak up.. don’t forever hold your peace!

If at first you don’t succeed…

At infill time or the next time you have your lashes done, take note of what you liked or didn’t like about the previous set. Consider things like the length of the lashes and how well they lasted. This is an opportunity for you to tweak it so that you get exactly what you want and they last the distance. This may take a few tries and your tastes may change so it’s important to develop a relationship with your extensionist so that you can discuss your lash options. Personally speaking in terms of my own lashes I have just gone up a length in lashes but down in thickness which has given me a completely different effect! It’s something I wanted to try for summer and I’m happy I experimented because I love them!

Jayde xxx